I didn’t know what to do so I cleaned out my art space downstairs. I haven’t cleaned it in years, I think I discovered a new species of spider in there.

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One of my teachers introduced me to the work of William Stout the other day, and I absolutely love it..!

It was bad enough that it had to be cloudy for the lunar eclipse but now it’s snowing too??

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Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on April 14th 15th 2014

Why is it that I end up finishing every speedpaint, and why did I have to choose such a detailed character just for practice haha. I just love Aigis.


"haunted" - from my new album!

i think we’re haunted

i can hear the echoes of the past

thought i could forgive you

but it’s funny how long this pain can last

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I turned 25 twenty minutes ago! My fiance gave me the dvd set of the original Cosmos and a sweet poster of Carl. I think he’s forgiven for not getting me books.  Forgive the fingerprints. I cried and held it a lot before taking a picture.

Woah woah I want that print, who drew that??


Another set of strangely beautiful creatures by Oukamiyoukai45


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Don’t support the illegal pet trade just don’t do it. Do your research before buying exotic pets.

Still making some changes, because I can never just let something be finished, but here this is for now.



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